About the book

The Lost Animas is the fifth book in the Ammonite Galaxy series, and it really belongs to Six, Diva and the two Namuri, both of whom become more important in this, fifth, instalment of the saga.

Six and Diva have to travel to a hypervelocity planet in an unstable orbit around a black hole; the scenery they find there is quite unforgettable, and what they find there will provide answers to many things, if they can escape the gravity of the singularity to return to the binary system.

This picture represents a scene from the book:


Kintara, exploding

Six and Diva find that their relationship has not suddenly miraculously turned into a 'happy ever after' fairytale, but neither of them is ready to give up on it just yet. Their problems are one of the highlights of the book.

Here is a representation of one of the scenes from the book (but no spoilers):

Six and Ledin leaping off the cliff on Pyraklion



Incidentally, if you would like to find out how much time would go by for the rest of the universe while you holidayed next to a black hole... here is the widget to calculate it! Neat, eh? ;)